About HIPS plastic & How To Apply Polypeth Ekspor Indonesia July 9, 2022
About HIPS plastic & How To Apply

We are heard of HIPS Masterbatch or HIPS plastic film. But not everyone knows to understand the characteristics, manufacturing process as well as the uses of Hips plastic. So this article will answer some of your questions.

    HIPS stands for High Impact Polystyrene. HIPS masterbatch when processing mainly use molding and laminating technology. Hips is becoming more and more popular because of its advantages and practical applications in life such as making motorcycle covers, TV covers, boxes, candy trays, yogurt jars, yogurt jars, making one time use cups and plates.
    This line of thermoplastic masterbatch belongs to the group of hard, transparent, easy-to-create plastic. It is processed by profiling lamination and pressing technology in a fairly simple way.

  2. Popular application of HIPS Masterbatch
    Thanks to possessing the above outstanding advantages, Hips plastic masterbatch are widely applied in many different fields in life. One of the areas that must be mentioned is:

  • In food technology: yogurt cups, candy box trays
  • In packaging technology, it is used as a single-layer packaging for products that do not require strict anti-oxidation.
  • Make a HIPS plastic film to increase water vapor and gas impermeability.
  • As a printing surface to increase printing ability, as the outermost plastic packaging thanks to its ability to easily tear and create gloss.
  • Making bottle caps, pen cases, jewelry boxes, beer safes, fresh food containers.
  • Making pharmaceutical bottles, pipes, lids of solvent containers.
  • Making high-frequency insulating materials, insulating clamps.
  • Making imitation leather sandals, woven packaging.
  • Pressing student desks and chairs, pressing motorcycle details, yogurt cups, plastic trays for confectionery.
  • Electronics field: pressing trays of electronic components, other fields such as pressing tables and chairs for students, pressing details in motorbikes.

    3. Advantages and disadvantages
    Advantages of HIPS Masterbatch

  • HIPS plastic beads have low energy and are resistant to many Hydrocarbons, Ketones, and fats. Even high fat, extremely well soluble in flavorings.
  • It has extremely good electrical insulation, very good high frequency insulation, extremely effective arc resistance.
  • It is also a material with super transparency, glossy surface, so it is easy to print.
  • It has the ability to self-color, odorless, odorless, contains no toxic substances, does not allow bacteria to grow.

    Disadvantages of HIPS masterbatch
    Although possessing many outstanding features and advantages. However, Hips plastic also has certain limitations. Typically as:

  • HIPS resin is very flammable, even after leaving the flame, it still continues to burn. When burned, the flame is golden yellow, when burned, it will flow with foam.
  • Poor heat resistance, so Hips’ finished products are easily deformed when encountering low temperatures.
  • When burning, the hip resin does not drip liquid and has a strong column of black smoke, accompanied by a hint of Styrene
  • Poor mechanical properties, hard, brittle.
  • Susceptible to solvent corrosion and stress causing cracking.
  • Low surface hardness, easy to scratch.

    Source: https://daiaplastic.com/en/hips-masterbatch-and-application/
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