Is Polypropylene Toxic to Humans? Polypeth Ekspor Indonesia June 30, 2022
Is Polypropylene Toxic to Humans?

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Polypropylene (PP) is usually considered safe for humans. It is considered the safest of all plastics; it is a robust heat-resistant plastic. Because of its high heat tolerance, it is unlikely to leach even when exposed to warm or hot water. It is approved for use with food and beverage storage. It can be re-used safely and used with hot beverages.

PP (Polypropylene) is very similar to polyethylene but has higher resistance to heat, which is why it is often used for food packaging and food storage bags and containers.

What is polypropylene (PP)?

Polypropylene (PP) is made by combining propylene monomers (a tasteless, colorless, odorless synthetic material). It has numerous different applications such as consumer packaging material, plastic hinges, waterproofing insulation, and more. It is considered a low-toxin, heat-tolerant material. This type of plastic is used for various applications related to human consumption, including straws, yogurt containers, bottles, and even medical devices.

The advantages of Polypropylene (PP) include:

  • It is readily available and relatively inexpensive.
  • It has high flexural strength because of its semi-crystalline nature.
  • It has a relatively slippery surface.
  • It is very resistant to absorbing moisture.
  • It has good chemical resistance over a wide range of bases and acids.
  • It possesses good fatigue resistance.
  • It has good impact strength.
  • It is a good electrical insulator.

The disadvantages of Polypropylene (PP) include:

  • It has a high thermal expansion coefficient (marked increase in volume with temperature increase) that limits its high-temperature applications.
  • It is susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) degradation.
  • It has poor resistance to chlorinated solvents and aromatics.
  • It is known to be difficult to paint because it has poor bonding properties.
  • It is highly flammable.
  • It is susceptible to oxidation

Avoiding any plastic is ideal because it not only poses risk to human health but also is harmful to the environment. However, if you must use products made with Polypropylene (PP), the risk of exposure is probably low.

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