Curvy Cling Wrap Dispenser Made From Recycled PET Bottles Polypeth Ekspor Indonesia August 22, 2022
Curvy Cling Wrap Dispenser Made From Recycled PET Bottles

It’s made by the same people who launched Australia’s first plant-based food wrap – which you can now store in an ergonomic (and planet-friendly) container.

When Jordy and Julia Kay launched Great Wrap in 2020, the couple wanted to reduce unnecessary plastic waste in our home kitchens by coming up with a compostable and biodegradable alternative to cling wrap.

Their plant-based solution is made from potato waste, which breaks down within 180 days – about a week less than orange peel. “We noticed a need for it in our own kitchen, having spent so much more time cooking at home during the first lockdown,” Julia told Broadsheet in 2020.

Two years on, the couple has found a sustainable solution to storing the wrap – a refillable dispenser made from 33 recycled PET bottles. Great Mate, as it’s called, comes in four colours: lime green, lilac, beige and charcoal grey. They’re manufactured in Melbourne, in a sister factory to the one where Great Wrap is made.

“Great Mate is something people will be proud to have in their kitchen, it’s an opportunity to start a conversation around the future of materials at home and change a friend’s behaviour forever,” says Julia in a statement. The colourful, curvaceous design is made to dispense and slice Great Wrap’s cling wrap as well as other food wrap brands. It was developed by Julia, a former architect, and manufactured by a team of engineers and industrial designers at Bayly Group.

“We’re trying to end the vicious landfill cycle that is inevitable once someone chooses to drink from a PET drink bottle,” says Jordy. “So we’re not only on a mission to end the creation of new non-compostable plastics worldwide but to see plastic that’s already in our ecosystem be repurposed.” Great Mate Starter Kits are $35, which includes one dispenser and two 30-metre Great Wrap rolls. Shipping is $5.


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